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Care Expertise - Streatham
Care Expertise provide the best possible support and care for the vulnerable adults and
the elderly. We installed a new alarm system at the Streatham offices.
Ensuring you and your patients are safe and secure 24 hours a day
Caring for the elderly, ill and disabled is a 24-hour job. At Crown Fire & Security, we go the extra mile to ensure care establishments are protected and secure from intrusion at all times.

In this project, we installed a new alarm system for Care Expertise. They have a number of offices across London with our installers being commissioned to install a new system at their Streatham branch. Our alarm provides the building owner the peace of mind that their staff and assets are protected from intrusion and theft.
Alarm Installers Streatham
Why have an alarm system installed?
Not only is it cost-effective, we recommend that you have any alarm installed because:
Alarm Installers Streatham
Deters criminals
Our alarm systems are proven to
deter away criminals from your
Alarm Installers Streatham
Overall peace of mind
An alarm system gives you peace
of mind that when you are out of the office, your building is protected.
Alarm Installers Streatham
Ensures assets are safe
With an alarm installed, it ensures
your assets and occupants inside are
safe and secure 24/7.
Make the right choice for your security
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