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Astral Windows - Sutton
Due to large volume of stock being kept in their showroom and warehouse overnight,
we installed a new intruder alarm that would ensure the building was protected and
deter away any would-be criminals.
State-of-the-art, cost-effective and reliable intruder alarms that you can rely on
Intruders will attack the unprotected. FACT. At Crown Fire & Security, we have spent the last 35 years protecting businesses from intrusion by deploying intuitive security measures.

In this project, we were commissioned by Astral Windows to install a new intruder alarm at their branch in Sutton. Our alarms prevent intruders from the first thought of intrusion and can ensure you are up to 80% safer within your premises. We also work with one of the UK's leading alarm response centres where trained professionals will monitor over Astral Windows' alarm 24 hours a day.
Intruder Alarms Sutton
What are the benefits of our intruder alarms?
Intruder Alarms Sutton
Deters criminals
Our alarm systems are proven to
deter away criminals from your
home or business.
Intruder Alarms Sutton
Overall peace of mind
An alarm system gives you peace
of mind that when you are out of the office, your building is protected.
Intruder Alarms Sutton
Ensures assets are safe
With an alarm installed, it will ensure
your assets and employees inside are
safe and secure 24/7.
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